“The Teamsters are proud to endorse Diana Florence because she has always put working people first and held powerful interests accountable. She shares our values of racial justice, gender justice, and economic justice. Our 120,000 members, women and men who make deliveries, pick up the trash, maintain public housing, bus kids to school, and make our city run, are ready to put boots on the ground to get Diana elected.”

— George Miranda, President of Teamsters Joint Council 16

BCTC Endorsements

“We’re proud to endorse Diana Florence in her bid to become Manhattan’s next District Attorney. Diana has been a force for good in the New York construction industry and her commitment to the working men and women of this city is second-to-none. Diana has spent her career rooting out bad-actors in the construction industry and ensuring that the safety and livelihoods of workers is always paramount. We look forward to supporting Diana in her campaign for Manhattan District Attorney and to continuing our partnership with her in the fight for the working people of New York,”

— Gary LaBarbera, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York

Carpenters Endorsements

“Diana Florence is a public servant and labor advocate who consistently puts the lives of working men and women of this city first, not the needs of powerful interests. That is why the District Council of Carpenters is proudly endorsing Diana for Manhattan District Attorney,”

— Joseph A. Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters

Ironworkers District Council Endorsements

“The New York State Iron Workers District Council endorses Diana Florence for Manhattan District Attorney because of her track record on behalf of the trades. The working men and women of New York City could not be better served,”

— James Mahoney, President of New York State Iron Workers District Council

Mason Tenders

“Diana Florence is the only District Attorney candidate that fully understands the construction industry in New York. On the union side, conditions are decidedly better, but on the non-union side, the practices of many contractors and developers are terrible. More annual fatalities than any other industry, wage theft in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance and tax fraud, sexual harassment of female construction workers and the use of body shops to insulate the bad actors are standard operating procedure in the nonunion sector. We fully believe that Diana Florence is the candidate who will be most effective in combating these crimes.”

— Robert Bonanza, Business Manager of the Mason Tenders’ District Council of Greater New York and Long Island


local79 endorsement

“The construction business, particularly nonunion construction, is like an ‘old boys club’ and this labor Bureau will create a legal way to hold these abusive ‘boys’ accountable for their actions. Sexual harassment of the very, very few women even hired to work on nonunion projects is a daily occurrence. Management is usually well-aware of the behavior but chooses to turn a blind-eye towards the behavior, seemingly treating the harassment as simply how things are done. Diana will stand up to contractors, developers, and other big bosses, not just celebrities and media moguls. This is one of the major reasons Local 79 is in support of Diana as she runs for District Attorney of Manhattan.”

— Tierra Williams, Construction and General Building Laborers’ Local 79 member

opcmia Endorsements

“On behalf of Northeast District Council of the Operative Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ International Association, Local Union 262 & Local Union 780 we are 100% behind Diana Florence as Manhattan DA, Diana Florence has been a big supporter in fighting for Union Members rights with corrupted contractors,”

— Gino Castignoli, Financial Secretary/Business Manager of Northeast District Council of the Operative Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ International Association, Local Union 262 & Local Union 780

Heat and Frost Endorsements

“Heat and Frost Insulators Local #12 is proud to endorse and support Diana Florence in her candidacy for Manhattan DA. Ms. Florence has years of experience in investigating and prosecuting bad contractors for wage theft, prevailing wage violations, bid rigging and similar crimes. These procedures are vital to maintain the integrity of our industry. More importantly, her commitment to and understanding of the value that union labor brings to the construction industry in New York City makes her stand out as the candidate to be the next Manhattan District Attorney,”

— John Jovic, Business Manager of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 12

Bricklayers Endsorsements

“Diana Florence has built her 25 year prosecutorial career by standing up against the relentless exploitation and abuse of working people – particularly construction workers. Again and again, with each case she has prosecuted, Diana has chosen to champion the powerless over the powerful; to speak for those workers cheated out of wages or for the surviving families of those workers victimized by unsafe working conditions. Her work has exposed the unacceptable and illegal conditions to which many non-union construction workers are subjected daily. Further, her work has demonstrated that these illegal conditions for workers breeds unfair competition in the marketplace that damages legitimate businesses and, ultimately, cheats taxpayers. Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local Union No. 1, NY is proud to endorse her for NY County District Attorney,”

— Jack Argila, President, BAC Local 1, NY

Marble Endsorsements

“Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local Union No. 7 (Tile, Marble & Terrazzo), NY-NJ proudly endorses Diana Florence for District Attorney in NY County. Diana has been one of the lone voices in this city’s law enforcement community ready and willing to seek equal justice on behalf of innocent workers thrown into unsafe conditions without appropriate safety equipment and training, or cheated out of a fair day’s wages. Diana sees these crimes against working people as ‘real crimes’ with ‘real victims,’ and realizes that law enforcement’s failure to aggressively prosecute the developers and contractors responsible tears at the very fabric of our society. These bad actors in the construction business abuse workers, deprive honest businesses from the right to fair competition and steal from taxpayers. In addition to her success in the courtroom, her work has helped begin to raise the consciousness of law enforcement personnel all over the NY metropolitan area to vigorously prosecute those businesses and their owners who try to cut corners, and refuse to play by the rules,”

— William Hill, President of BAC Local 7 (Tile, Marble & Terrazzo) NY-NJ

“Local 28 is committed to establishing safe and desirable working conditions with fair pay for all working people. Diana has made it a priority to fight for worker’s rights by investigating wage, health and safety violations, payroll tax, unemployment insurance union benefit, and workers’ compensation fraud, labor trafficking, sexual harassment, and other workplace abuses. Diana has worked hard to answer the concerns of her future constituents, and under her leadership, the Manhattan DA’s office will prevail in prioritizing the prosecution of those whose unscrupulous practices threaten working men and women.”

 – Eric Meslin, President & Business Manager of the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 28

“Teamsters Local 282 is proud to endorse Diana Florence for Manhattan District Attorney in the 2021 elections. Her record of fighting against abuse and exploitation in the construction industry has proven her to be a true friend of labor and of working people. She has shown a commitment to holding unscrupulous employers accountable for bad acts such as prevailing wage violations, bid rigging and unsafe work conditions. Her dedication will further the cause of justice for working people, and most especially for the City’s trades workers.”

— Thomas Gesualdi, President of Building Materials Teamsters Local 282

Ironworkers Endorsements

“On behalf of Ironworkers Local 361 we are 100% behind Diana Florence as her actions as Manhattan ADA speak volumes for her commitment to workers,”

— Matthew Chartrand, Business Manager of IronWorkers Local 361




“The Laborers must have strong representation – a shared understanding of the issues affecting our members.
LiUNA-NY has identified a true partner in Diana – she’s the real deal! Diana will go above and beyond to defend the rights and dignity of New York’s construction workforce.”


“District Council 9 is proud to endorse Diana Florence for Manhattan District Attorney. As head of the Construction Fraud Task Force, she worked to build trust with workers, unions, elected officials and the community. Her vision is to put people before power and we’re sure she will continue to fight for us and on behalf of all working New Yorkers,”

— Joseph Azzopardi, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer at District Council 9 IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades

“Local One Elevator Constructors are proud to endorse Diana Florence for Manhattan District Attorney, as she has a track record of standing up for working New Yorkers,” said IUEC Local One President and Business Manager Lenny Legotte. “As head of the Construction Fraud Task Force, Diana won the country’s largest wage theft case giving construction trades workers back a collective $6 million. The organized elevator industry needs a champion in the District Attorney’s Office who understands that trade unions and the hardworking men and women they represent are the backbone of this city. Our union believes that, if elected, Diana will put everyday New Yorkers ahead of the corporate elite.”

— IUEC Local One Elevator Constructors

“Diana Florence is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting side-by-side with working New Yorkers- and that’s why ATU Local 1181 proudly endorses her for Manhattan District Attorney. Diana knows our issues from wage theft to contract fraud and has the backs of bus drivers and unionized workers who drive this city forward.”

— Michael Cordiello, ATU Local 1181


“Diana Florence is the only candidate who stood by the homeless men at the Lucerne, and it’s why I’m endorsing her for Manhattan District Attorney. She knows our issues from the horrors of congregant shelters, to breaking the  struggles of homelessness, displacement, and incarceration— traumas on top of  traumas. I’m proud to call her a friend and a fighter in our journey towards permanent  housing and human respect.”  

Shams DaBaron, Homeless Hero


The New York City Coalition of Operating Engineers (NYC IUOE Coalition) which represents some 20,000 members within six IUOE Unions Local 14-14B, Local 15, 15A, 15B, 15C, 15D, 15G, 15H Local 30, Local 94, 94A, 94B, Local 211, and Local 891 met earlier this week to discuss the candidates and formally endorse the candidates who were unanimously approved by the Coalition. Diana Forda for DA is among them.

“While we were unable to reach a consensus on the candidates for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, each of the Borough President offices and several City Council races, we are confident in the character, commitment and the abilities of our unanimously endorsed candidates to serve our city,” said NYC IUOE Coalition president Edwin Christian. “Our Coalition believes it is critical to acknowledge and support the candidates who will lead the way as our city and our nation, at long last will finally addresses the stalled infrastructure, improve and upgrade our schools, the environment, housing and hundreds of other critical projects.”

The NYC IUOE Coalition


“In view of your commitment to working families and strong support for labor we believe that you have demonstrated the values that make you a candidate we in the trade union movement need in government. Therefore, the Executive Board of Local Union No.3 IBEW has unanimously endorsed you.”

Thomas J. Cleary, President of Local Union IBEW 3


“Plumbers Local 1 proudly endorse Diana Florence for Manhattan District Attorney! Diana has proposed a Labor Crimes Bureau, which will be fully staffed with lawyers, analysts, and community liaisons. The Bureau will aggressively enforce worker’s rights, investigating wage theft, prevailing wage violations, health and safety violations, payroll tax fraud, unemployment insurance fraud, union benefit fraud, workers’ compensation insurance fraud, labor trafficking, sexual harassment, and other workplace abuses.”

Plumbers Local 1

Putting People Before Power

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