Building Trust with Public Defenders


Public Defender Liaison 

The office has offered a concierge system of justice for the rich and powerful, and another system for everyone else. In order to truly achieve justice for all, especially for communities of color and low-income communities, we must improve our relationship with public defenders. Diana will: 

  •  Establish a Public Defender Liaison, to work directly with public defenders and their organizations.
  •  Hold monthly meetings with public defenders to ensure communication, accountability, and transparency.
  • Offer a joint training program for junior prosecutors and junior public defenders to foster better understanding of their respective roles.


DANY Court App – Making Court More Efficient & Safer for All 

Part of the inefficiency of the current Criminal Justice System is that defense counsel, people accused of crimes, families and prosecutors alike waste hours of time waiting in court.

Diana will develop a DANY Court App in consultation with the court system.  The app, which will be updated in real time, will allow parties to coordinate when cases are scheduled to be called to minimize wait time in court and avoiding unnecessary trips for victims, attorneys and their clients.