Each year, corporations who do business in New York steal tens of millions of dollars. These vendors who commit Crimes of Power don’t wield guns to rob the public, instead they take advantage of loopholes and public trust to line their pockets. And New Yorkers feel the effects of this fraud in our crumbling subways, deteriorating NYCHA housing stock, and underfunded school system. Every unscrupulous individual or corporation that abuses their power or steals from taxpayers erodes trust in our system and makes the work of keeping us safe at home, safe at work and safe on the street even harder. For the past decade, the Manhattan DA has allocated insufficient resources to target corruption and failed to proactively pursue cases.

During her career, Diana consistently held people with unchecked social, economic and political power accountable. Diana prosecuted more than a dozen executives and companies who deliberately failed to perform strength tests on the concrete and steel at more than 100 construction projects around NYC, including the World Trade Center, convicted a NYCHA contractor for stealing more than $100,000 from three-day laborers, held accountable contractors that defrauded taxpayers through Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) fraud schemes, recovering tens of millions of dollars in illegally obtained profits. As a result of her expertise in this area, she co-authored a Grand Jury report on pervasive fraud in the implementation of the MWBE Program which recommended common sense changes in order to detect these schemes and deter future fraud.

  • Under Diana’s leadership, the DA will hold accountable anyone who abuses their power to defraud taxpayers and government agencies, offers or takes bribes, evades income taxes, or misuses public funds. That means focusing on both sides of corruption; the public officials and the private executives who use taxpayer dollars as their personal piggy bank. 
  • Diana will revamp the Public Corruption Unit to focus on proactively investigating corruption that impacts people’s lives. This will be accomplished through developing strategic partnerships with non law enforcement government agencies, community organizations, labor unions and community leaders. 
  •  The Unit will pursue a community based approach to tackling the fraud, working alongside stakeholders and allowing access to the office for businesses to report fraud and abuse.  
  • The Unit will conduct anti-corruption training and teach-ins for public agencies in order to spot hallmarks of fraud in billing, procurement and in the administration of programs such as the MWBE program.