DANY Dashboard


Publish Data About What, How, and Who We Prosecute

Diana will create a Dashboard and Data Unit that will collect and release public statistics, similar to data platforms maintained by DAs in Philadelphia & San Francisco.

The DANY Data Unit will focus on five areas: 

  • Transparency – Diana firmly believes the public has the right to know how we dispose of cases. This includes the types of crimes, dispositions (plea bargains and convictions after trial), sentences, who was charged, how many cases were not prosecuted at all and whether the subjects of those cases or their attorneys made campaign contributions.
  • Crime Prevention – After analyzing crime data and meeting with the community – the Office will look for patterns and correlations and develop crime prevention initiatives.  
  • Community Engagement – The Office will issue annual justice reports to inform the public about the Manhattan DA’s actions and community efforts.

Asset Forfeiture Report – The Office will publish data on asset forfeiture funds and how they are distributed.