Addressing Crimes of Poverty


Diana will decline to prosecute low-level offenses bearing the hallmarks of disparate policing, such as enforcement of social distancing guidelines, sex work-related crimes, loitering, and theft of services.  Diana will continue to monitor the issue of disparate impact policing and respond accordingly to arrests that are clearly the result of over-policing in disparately targeted communities and groups.

  • Diana will decriminalize or decline to prosecute marijuana possession and use, as well as  enforcement of sex work-related crimes, loitering, and theft of service to eliminate unnecessary over policing because of the concern of disparate policing in certain communities.


Full Decriminalization of Marijuana 

  • Upon taking office, Diana will fully decriminalize marijuana possession and use by refusing to enforce the remaining marijuana crimes and violations in effect, absent exceptional circumstances clearly and directly implicating public safety. 
  • Diana will support full legalization of marijuana with a strong racial and racial economic justice framework advocating profits, investment, and business opportunities are going toward communities unfairly targeted by these crimes.
  • Her office will focus resources to ensure that the records of those who were incarcerated for marijuana-related charges are expunged.  


Addressing Crimes of Poverty

Diana will divert cases related to mental illness and drug addiction to community organizations and government agencies that can offer resources, such as residential and/or outpatient drug treatment. support and skills to become more sufficient.

  • Homelessness: Diana will decline to prosecute low-level offenses against homeless people, where there was no actual threat to public safety or where the arrest is the product of escalation or targeting for disparate enforcement by NYPD officers.  In addition, Diana will support and do everything in her power to keep the NYPD out of homeless outreach and fund community organizations that focus on providing holistic services to this population.
  • A Smart Approach to Mental Health: Diana will support and advocate for the implementation of a mental health crisis response program that deploys first response teams that exclude law enforcement and that are deployable by a dedicated emergency number (ideally a new 911 type hotline dedicated to mental health crisis calls for service).  In addition, Diana will support and fund the establishment of diversion centers where people in mental health crises can be transported instead of detention or hospital emergency rooms.
  • Protecting Free Speech and Political Activity from NYPD Overreach: Diana will petition federal courts to increase independent oversight on the committee charged with overseeing NYPD investigations of political activity and free speech.


Watch the webinar recording of ‘Crimes of Power vs. Crimes of Poverty’