Diana’s Community Approach


The Manhattan DA will meet people wherever they are…

The Manhattan DA cannot choose when it wants to advocate for our community. 

Diana will propose a community-based approach to meet people where they are: from houses of worship, community organizations, job sites, small businesses or even over Zoom. This approach mirrors Diana’s successful model of collaboration with labor unions, community groups, advocates and workers when she led the Construction Fraud Task Force.

  • DA Coffees– During the year, Diana will host a series of DA coffees in different communities across Manhattan. The sessions will provide community members and small businesses with the opportunity to have informal, but intimate conversations with the DA and her senior staff. 
  • Diana in the Community – Diana and her staff will attend community board meetings and hold in person and virtual town hall meetings. 
  • Social media will be more than a platform for public relations– Diana will use social media to post informational videos, policy directives, community surveys and events designed with the community’s needs in mind. In addition, Social Media outreach will be enhanced for better communication with the community and will be available in multiple languages and platforms.
  • Modernizing Communication – Diana will modernize the way the community communicates with the Office by updating landline phone and email-based hotlines, to receive complaints sent via text messaging or WhatsApp. 

DANY on Your Corner – Diana will create an active DA in the neighborhood program called DANY on Your Corner where she, along with staff, will meet regularly in person and virtually with the community in public settings, such as branches of the New York Public Library, various college campuses, senior citizen housing, neighborhood associations, community centers, NYCHA community rooms and cafés across Manhattan.