Gun Violence


New York has some of the strongest gun laws in the country and most illegal guns are being shipped in from Southern states with lax laws. In order to stop guns flowing through our community, and protect our children, we must work together.  

  • Diana will propose an interstate compact between DAs up and down the iron pipeline (aka I95). Together, we will coordinate and conduct multi-state investigations into gun trafficking. 
  • Diana will partner with the NYPD and community based organizations and proactively target sources of gun violence and work collaboratively to stop it.
  • Diana will support CURE violence programs through local organizations who know the neighborhood and people and identify the sources of vulnerability, especially in kids.
  • Diana will be a strong voice nationally for strict gun control. 


Legislative Agenda 

Diana supports Harlem Mother S.A.V.E’s bill (A674/ S6649), which will establishe a heightened felony charge for individuals that sell more than 20 guns in a year or possess more than 20 guns with the intent to sell.