Hate Crimes


Hate Crimes, while often directed at a single person, are meant to send a message to an entire community. They inflict real harm on victims and whole communities. New Yorkers strongly value our diversity because it enriches us, sustains us and supports us. As Manhattan DA, Diana will address individual acts of hatred, and send a strong and clear message that hate motivated violence is unacceptable.

We will not imprison our way out of this problem. Wherever possible, Diana will use an educational and restorative justice approach, which will be designed to repair the harm and give back to impacted communities. Diana will:

  1. Focus on organized hate groups, directing resources to online group’s or groups that promote violence against people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrant communities, Jewish or Muslim people, women, etc. 
  2. Put a particular emphasis on investigating the business practices of organized hate groups and their leaders. 
  3. Develop a Hate Crimes Task Force and bring together leaders from the many diverse communities who call Manhattan home. This task force will work collaboratively to develop strategy for investigation, educational approaches and restorative justice programs for offenders.
  • Hate Crime Task Force members will assist in developing prevention educational curricula for elementary school, middle school and high school students.  It is critically important that we send a message to our youth about our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. Diana will work with schools and educators to utilize positive learning collaborative – restorative justice – to deal with these conflicts.