Press Release: DA Candidate Florence Slams Armed Riots in D.C. as Treason, Vows to Prosecute Corruption

Diana Florence

NEW YORK, NY — In response to the attacks by armed rioters who’ve stormed the United States Capitol, DA Candidate Diana Florence issued the following statement:

“This is treason and a blatant example of the racist double standard people of color face. Armed white men can stage a coup egged on by soon to be ex-President Trump, but peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protesters get attacked by police across the country. It’s a horrific day in American history, but an entirely predictable end to this Confederate presidency. It’s time to stop giving white men in power a pass, and prosecute the people attempting to literally tear down our democracy and their corrupt enablers. That’s the kind of DA I’ll be. This ends now.”


“Lo que hemos visto hoy es un acto traición y un ejemplo claro del doble estandar que existe contra la comunidad de color. Hoy hombres blancos armados organizaron un golpe incitado por el que pronto será el ex-presidente Trump, mientras los manifestantes de #BlackLivesMatter que protestaban de manera pacífica fueron atacados por la policía en todo el país. Hoy es un día horrible en la historia de los Estados Unidos, pero un final completamente predecible a esta presidencia guiada por el gobierno confederado. Es hora de dejar de frenar y enjuiciar a los hombres blancos y sus facilitadores corruptos que utilizan su poder para intimidar y literalmente derribar nuestra democracia. Este es el tipo de Fiscal que seré. Esto termina ahora ”


Diana Florence focused her 25 year career as a prosecutor combating corruption and investigating real estate fraud. She won landmark convictions against companies and individuals for defrauding 9/11 charities, corruption, domestic violence, wage theft, and deadly work conditions.

Florence has previously published two opinion pieces in CNN on racially motivated false reporting as a hate crime and Grand Jury reform. She also penned op-eds related to real estate-related crimes including developer fraudlandlord abuse, and wage theft. She recently spoke to Forbes about the possibility of indicting President Donald Trump once he leaves office.



Diana Florence began her career in the Manhattan DA’s Office prosecuting domestic violence cases, then complex frauds and corruption in the Special Prosecutions Bureau and Labor Racketeering Unit, and later becoming the head of the first of its kind Construction Fraud Task Force.

She has taught trial advocacy for over two decades to lawyers in the DA’s Office and has lectured investigators and lawyers from around the world on topics ranging from inter-agency cooperation to prosecuting fraud, racketeering and workplace homicide.

As an ADA, Diana held powerful interests accountable by prosecuting developers and corrupt corporations for cheating workers and taxpayers. In an historic case against Harco Construction, she ultimately secured justice for the family of a 22 year-old construction worker, Carlos Moncayo, who was buried alive at work. Using the existing criminal law, Diana charged the corporations and site supervisors, who had been repeatedly warned of hazardous conditions, with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for Moncayo’s death. As a result, she drafted legislation (A10728) named after Carlos Moncayo, known as “Carlos’ Law” that would establish higher fines for corporations for endangering workers’ lives.

Diana has made prosecuting wage theft a centerpiece of her career, notably working alongside IronWorkers Local 361 to secure $6 million in stolen wages and back-pay from AGL Industries. Diana subsequently wrote a bill (A06795) with Assemblymember Catalina Cruz (D-Queens) to reclassify wage theft as the more serious crime of larceny. Other jurisdictions- like the Pittsburgh City Council and Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner- subsequently created similar prosecution models for wage theft.

Diana has worked side-by-side with community based groups, unions, workers centers, and government agencies to create an innovative prosecution model heavily rooted in broad based participation. She is also a fluent Spanish speaker.

She has previously published opinion pieces in CNN, The New York Daily News, El Diario, AM New York, and City Limits, lending her legal expertise to current issues.



Diana Florence wants to make a new PACT (Power, Accountability, Community and Trust) with New York that puts people first. PACT prioritizes prosecuting “crimes of power”, being accountable and transparent about the decisions of the DA, and working side-by-side with community stakeholders.

As an ADA, Diana created an innovative model of collaborative prosecution known as co-enforcement. Co-enforcement is based on knowledge instead of assumptions. It relies on collaboration with community partners to determine what justice looks like which then drives the priorities of investigation and prosecution. It starts with working alongside advocates, labor unions, tenants, worker centers, elected officials, industry groups, community leaders – the very people who are affected by crimes of power to ascertain the needs and values of the community. Using co-enforcement, the Construction Fraud Task Force Diana led built a trusting relationship with the community it served and together achieved success.



Born in Manhattan, Diana is a long-time resident of Kips Bay where she lives with her husband and two children. Diana graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, receiving a BA in Art History with a concentration in Spanish as well as her law degree.