The NYC IUOE Coalition Announces Endorsements in New York City Races – Make no endorsement in Mayoral, Comptroller or Public Advocate Races

The New York City Coalition of Operating Engineers (NYC IUOE Coalition) which represents some 20,000 members within six IUOE Unions Local 14-14B, Local 15, 15A, 15B, 15C, 15D, 15G, 15H Local 30, Local 94, 94A, 94B, Local 211, and Local 891 met earlier this week to discuss the candidates and formally endorse the candidates who were unanimously approved by the Coalition.

“While we were unable to reach a consensus on the candidates for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, each of the Borough President offices and several City Council races, we are confident in the character, commitment and the abilities of our unanimously endorsed candidates to serve our city,” said NYC IUOE Coalition president Edwin Christian. “Our Coalition believes it is critical to acknowledge and support the candidates who will lead the way as our city and our nation, at long last will finally addresses the stalled infrastructure, improve and upgrade our schools, the environment, housing and hundreds of other critical projects.” 


The NYC IUOE Coalition endorsements:


Manhattan Borough President: Ben Kallos; Queens Borough President Donovan Richards*

Manhattan District Attorney: Diana Florence; Brooklyn District Attorney: Eric Gonzalez*


For City Council: 

Manhattan: CD 1 Jenny L. Low; CD 2 Carlina Rivera*; CD 3 Eric Bottcher; CD 4 Keith Powers*; CD 6 Gale Brewer; CD 7 Shaun Abreu; CD 8 Diana Ayala*. Bronx:  CD 11 Eric Dinowitz; CD 12 Kevin Riley*; CD 13 Marjorie Velazquez; CD 14 Pierina Sanchez; CD 16 Althea Stevens; CD 17 Rafael Salamanca, Jr.*; CD 18 Amanda Farias. Queens:  CD 19 Austin Shafran; CD 20 Sandra Ung; CD 21 Francisco Moya*; CD 24 James Gennaro*; CD 25 Shekar Krishnan; CD 28 Adrienne Adams*; CD 29 Lynn Schulman; CD 30 Robert Holden*; CD 31 Selvena Brooks-Powers. Brooklyn: CD 33 Lincoln Restler; CD 35 Crystal Hudson; CD 37 Darma Diaz*; CD 39 Bridget Rein; CD 40 Josue Pierre; CD 41 Alicka Ampry-Samuel*; CD 43 Justin Brannan*; CD 44 Kalman Yeger*; CD 45 Farah Louis*; CD 47 Ari Kagan; CD 48 Steven Saperstein. Staten Island: CD 50 Sal Albanese.        (*incumbent)   


About the NYC IUOE Coalition  

The NYC IUOE Coalition represents some 20,000 men and women within six New York City based IUOE Unions: Edwin Christian, Business Manager for Local 14-14B and President of the Coalition. Local 14 members operate all type of cranes including tower and other heavy equipment (excavators, etc.); Thomas Callahan is President and Business Manager of Local 15, 15A, 15B, 15C, 15D, 15G, 15H. In addition to operating cranes and other heavy equipment members perform public and private utility work, as well as surveying. William Lynn is Business Manager for Local 30, members are stationary engineers who operate most of New York City’s municipal and public buildings including police stations, court houses, hospitals as well as Yankee Stadium, Citi Field and Madison Square Garden. Kuba Brown is Business Manager for Local 94, they are the stationary engineers who operate in most of New York City’s Class A commercial buildings Including the World Trade Center, and Hudson Yards; large residential complexes; and are in all NYC Public Schools. Robert Troeller is President of Local 891 which represents NYC School Custodians; and Nelson Mas, President of Local 211 which represents NYC Building Inspectors.

Contact: Bill Farrell  917-992-2515