Private Insights on Small Business Recovery

New York’s 220,000 small businesses run this city but because of the coronavirus and rising rents, many of our small, storefront businesses are shuttering. According to the city comptroller, vacant commercial space has doubled over a decade, up to 11.8 million square feet in 2017. According to Send Chinatown Love, 225 out of 307 restaurants in Manhattan’s Chinatown remain open as of September 2020, and all of them face economic hardship due to decreased foot traffic. The New York City Hospitality Alliance reported that 90% of restaurants in the city couldn’t make August rent. Join Diana Florence— candidate for Manhattan District Attorney as she will host a townhall with Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the Hospitality Alliance; Eleazar Bueno, a small biz owner and Chair of Community Board 12; Andreas Koutsoudakis, owner of Tribeca Kitchen and restaurant industry lawyer. There will be a very special guest as well joining.